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The Phob is a combination of the Gaslight and my first product, the GearPull.  It's a little over 2" long and weighs less than an ounce.  The build material is Commercially Pure Titanium, also know as Grade 2 Titanium.  The Scales are either Copper or Brass and the Screws are brass.  Brass split rings are included with your purchase, and so is a UV keychain light for novelty charging. The glow module is " Invisible GREEN" or "AQUA" or "RAINBOW" in other words it's a translucent non color in full daylight and colored in darkness and half light when charged.  The Rainbow is full color either way.
The Phob is a luminous keychain designed to clip to your pocket cuff and provide quick access to your keys, while passively gathering UV light which is then dispersed in the form of a long lasting phosphorescence.  The concept is simple:  Attach to your existing keychain and get a greater variety of carry options.  Look for the phosphorescent signature when searching for your keys after dark. 
Clipped to a pants pocket or bag,  your Phob remains accessible at all times, ready to be retrieved every time you need it without any fumbling.    This simple process is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function. The Phob is intended for anyone who who wants to enhance their Everyday Carry, including gadget heads, preppers and survivalists, gear nerds, accessory divas,  mall ninjas,  moth-people, cyberpunks and all those who love metal-craft and care deeply about the build quality of the objects they carry daily.

For best results, "charge" your Phobs glow module under an incandescent light bulb or in the sun for one hour towards the end of the day.  How bright the Module appears to the users eye will vary greatly depending on the conditions in which it is viewed.  When the photographs for this listing were taken, the modules were charged under UV light for a couple minutes and so they appear as bright as they ever will in the listing photos.  For a while, that full charge brightness is completely visible in low or half light conditions, but in bright daylight these will not appear to glow even with a full charge.  You need low light conditions to see the modules, and the more they deplete the lower the light will need to be for them to remain visible.  In total darkness, these will glow for 5+ hours after charging.  They do look cool in the half light with a full charge, but keep in mind that the function is to help locate the item they are attached to in complete darkness, a service they will perform long after they are depleted past the low or half light visible stage of their charge.


Note: Different colors glow at different brightnesses and durations.  Greens, yellows, aquas and oranges glow longest, blues, purples and reds are the quickest to deplete.  Therefore, after some color deplete only the longer glowing ones will still be visible.  I can not accept requests for different inserts, what you get is what you get! 

Copper or Brass Clad Phob

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