This deluxe, one-off Gatekeeper comes with a titanium core, phosphor bronze scales and gates, all brass hardware, heat treated stainless pivot barrel, brass thumbstud on the lefty side (but can still be worn righty) Ice blue tritium vial in the upper window (only visible from one side), genuine Pre-Ban elephant ivory is in the spine window.  It comes with a matching Gaslight which has copper scales, titanium core and countersunk brass fillister screws.  The glow module in the Gaslight is a hollowed out Aqua Embrite pellet, which contains a 3.5x25mm green tritium vial.  Note: you can't see the green vial because the aqua embrite is semi-opaque.  Itll always be glowing but more or less depending on wether the embright is charged fully (when this is the case you can't detect the trit at all)  or when it's depleted (which it never really is because the tritium acts as a secondary source indefinitely.) 


Carabiners sold as practical personal accessories are a dime-a-dozen, and like the majority of mainstream items, many are designed to fail. The Gatekeeper was designed to endure. Built in layers, it is unlike any other carabiner available. 

GateKeeper Jules Verne ed.

  • Titanium cladding. (cp2)
    Raw beadblasted aerospace grade aluminum core. (alloy 7075)
    Aluminum standoffs.
    Stainless button head screws.
    Ultra precision stainless spring.
    Mil-spec passivated washers.
    Lifetime guarantee.
    Made in Beacon, New York.