Here's another model in my line of EDC keychain retension systems.  These special pieces (ltd4 units plus AP) are made from hand chamfered patinated brass scales, hand chamfered 3 color Mokume from Mike Sakmar with Brass fillister recessed screws. Mokume cores are 3/16 thick and these are pretty heavy little chunks of kit!  They are designed to hang securely from any beltloop up to 5/8" wide.   The mushroom shaped void makes it very hard for these to come loose unless you hook your thumb under the belt loop and lift a little before removing. Youll be good at it in no time!


Its important to understand that this mokume is polished but untreated so it has already started to patina. This process will continue over time and be affected by environmental factors.  Evolving Patina is to many the best aspect of Mokume as a material.  Enjoy!



Spartan1 - Brass over Mokume