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My first product from 2013! The GearPul allows one to carry multiple tools, without trying to be a multi-tool itself.  There's no bottle opener, pry tip/box cutter, hex wrench or any other gimmick as a permanent fixture on my dangler!  In this case all those extras just compromise aesthetics and offer minimal additional utility in return. Simplicity is fundamental to good design, the GearPull is fundamentally simple. Available in brass, copper or titanium. Now retired with just a few brass and copper pieces of new old stock listed.  When those are gone they're gone for good!


Designed for front pocket carry, the GambleMade Mini-D provides a better way to organize, carry and retrieve keys and key chain sized gear comfortably and efficiently. Attachment points are arranged on a lateral axis, allowing your keys and gear to sit side by side, flat against your leg instead of in an uncomfortable, disorganized jumble at the bottom of your pocket. This is a major advantage. The Mini-D is modular; Remove the "Masterlink" and it separates into two uniquely functional units; the "Clip" and the "FM1", which can also be purchased individually.  Available in titanium and copper.


Taking the best elements from the original GearPull and the Mini-D, I've created a 3rd (and final) generation product with a slimmer profile, better price point, and improved tensile properties.  The VolksDangler is the peoples' dangler. Just attach keys and/or pocket gear and use the VolksDangler to suspend everything in your pocket or bag. You can now access all your gear in a split second without having to search for it.  The Volksdangler models come as integral or two piece.  Available in Titanium only. 


Carabiners sold as practical personal accessories are a dime-a-dozen, and like the majority of mainstream items, many are designed to fail. The Gatekeeper was designed to endure. Built in layers, it is unlike any other carabiner available. The main assembly consists of 19 pieces machined and cut to strict tolerances, then fastened together with 26 stainless steel machine screws. The final result is a solid piece of personal hardware that looks great and is almost impossible to put down. Guaranteed for life.  Delux units feature a modified design and tritium inserts.



The Gaslight is a personal accessory with a singular purpose; It charges passively by ambient light during the day and then glows after dark so you can find your belongings. This simple task is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function.  The Gaslight is mysterious. It inspires wonder in adults and children alike and is intended for anyone who thinks it looks cool, including those who want to enhance their Everyday Carry, fans of modern design and metalwork, gadget heads, preppers and survivalists, gear nerds, accessory divas, mall ninjas, moth-people, cyberpunks. Green or Aqua glow. Need the Tritium swap video?  Click here!


The Revulet is fidget spinner. All hand spinners keep the hands busy and the mind at ease. Most also bring galactic scale science literally to your finger tips in the form of what physicists refer to as "torque-induced precession". The Revulet does all of that while looking like a kinetic, luminous collet from an alien machine who's true function is destined to remain a mystery until the return of the mother-ship.  Video here.


The GambleMade Capulator is the mission critical dual interface bottle opener.  Besides just looking awesome on your keychain and giving you something to mindlessly fidget with, the Capulator is designed to: 1.) Hang loose and move with your keys when in standby mode, and 2.) Assist with leverage by going rigid across it's length when in use. Whether it's in your hand, at your side or just in your thoughts, the Capulator will give you another reason to look forward to that next bottle opening opportunity.


The GambleMade LoadStar is three things; A Fidget Spinner, a spring loaded grip strengthener, and a fist load knuck tool for self defense.  Materials vary on this scarce item.  Make sure to the video of the whole thing in action and be sure to subscribe for restock updates.



The UltraLink is a quick release belt clip for Everyday Carry (EDC).  It consists of two parts; the carriage, and the clip. Simply attach your keys to the clip with a split ring, insert the clip into the carriage, and attach the whole assembly to yourself or to your stuff.  An integral spur on the clipped version prevents the unit from coming off unintentionally.  The UltraLink was designed to appeal to fans of sci-fi inspired industrial design, but it will work for anyone who wears a belt up to 1.75"W


Gatekeeper Mini

Carabiners sold as practical personal accessories are a dime-a-dozen, and like the majority of mainstream items, many are designed to fail. The Gatekeeper, built in layers, is unlike any other carabiner available. The mini makes available features such as the tritium window which was previously available only on the deluxe models of the full sized GK.  Size is about 2" square by 3/8".



The MachineClip is a self locating carabiner made from aerospace grade material. At your side, it soaks up UV light passively throughout the day,  delivering it back in the form of an expressive, luminous glow that's both mesmerizing and practical.  This simple process is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function. The MachineClip is intended for everyone who thinks it looks cool, gadget heads, gentleman preppers and survivalists, gear nerds, accessory divas, mall ninjas, moth-people, cyberpunks and all those who love metal-craft and care deeply about the build quality of the objects they carry daily.  Glowless is pictured.

Exotics and Customs

I can't fulfill requests for custom orders at this time, though I do enjoy experimenting with exotic materials and finishes.  There will be opportunities to purchase pieces and sets like the one pictured here, but only as they become available.  The best way to stay tuned in to what I'm doing and what's available is to subscribe to my mailing list. Or, If you follow me on Instagram you may get lucky and snag something one of a kind in a flash sale. 

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