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Full Brass Gaslight V2 with Aqua or Green Glow


The Gaslight Keychain Lantern:  The Gaslight is a personal EDC accessory with a singular purpose; It charges passively by ambient light during the day and then glows after dark so you can find your belongings. This simple task is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function.  The Gaslight is mysterious.  It inspires wonder in adults and children alike and is intended for anyone who thinks it looks cool, including those who want to enhance their Everyday Carry, fans of modern design and metalwork, gadget heads, preppers and survivalists, gear nerds, accessory divas, mall ninjas, moth-people, etc.!


The glow module is encapsulated within the "core", and is held in place by the "scales".  As the screws are tightened, o-rings compress and expand between them to take up the slack and form a tight bond.  The screws are glued into place using Loc-Tite Grade H Threadlocker, and will never come loose unless intentionally removed for service.


The GasLight is equipped with a phosphorescent insert.    These modules are packed solid with Aqua color Strontium Aluminate (SA), which is the same non-toxic ingredient used in all available "Glow In The Dark" products.  The key difference is that I use pure SA powder without any resins or fillers, enough to make numerous average glow-in-the-dark items.  In order to glow the modules need to be "charged", an easy task because charging is passive.  My only recommendation is that you carry your Gaslight in a way that exposes it to ambient light throughout the day.  For fun, get a quick charge with the complimentary UV keychain light included with every order.  Ultimately, how bright the glow appears to the human eye will vary greatly depending on the conditions in which it is viewed.  Some of the photographs for this campaign were taken immediately after the modules were charged under pure UV light. As a result, they are represented here at maximum brightness.  For a while, that full charge brightness is completely visible in low or half-light, but in broad daylight these will not appear to be glowing at all.  You need low light conditions to perceive the light they emit,  and the more they deplete the lower the ambient light needs to be for them to remain visible to the naked eye.  In total darkness, they will glow for 10+ hours after a full charge,  slowly dimming until fully depleted.  

Full Brass Gaslight V2

  • For best results, "charge" your Gaslight under a light bulb or in the sun for one hour towards the end of the day. It then holds a 4 hr charge which keeps it glowing so you can locate your gear in the dark. That's it!
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