Carabiners sold as practical personal accessories are a dime-a-dozen, and like the majority of mainstream items, many are designed to fail. The Gatekeeper was designed to endure. Built in layers, it is unlike any other carabiner available. The main assembly consists of 19 pieces machined and cut to strict tolerances, then fastened together with 26 stainless steel machine screws. The final result is a solid piece of personal hardware that looks great and is almost impossible to put down.  The GateKeeper is a premium carabiner.

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  • Titanium cladding. (cp2)
    Titanium core. (cp2)
    Stainless standoffs.
    Heat treted stainless pivot barrel
    Titanium socket head screws and counterbores.
    Ultra precision stainless spring.
    Mil-spec passivated stainless washers.
    Lifetime guarantee.
    Made in New York.