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This is a PRE-ORDER.  (5 available) When you purchase a Loadstar today you acknowledge that you agree to accept delivery on this item in 2 weeks time.  Shipping will be on 6/05/18.


The GambleMade Loadstar is 3 things; a Grip Strengthener, a Fidget Spinner, and a Fist Load/Knuck.  It weighs 112 grams as pictured, or just about 4 oz.  The scales and core are grade 2 titanium with Grade5 Titanium hardware.  Be sure to watch the video to get a sense of the action.  


This version has been "hand chamfered" meaning a lot of extra shop time is spent putting a radius on all the edges of the core, and the recessed hardware means an additional 14 counterbores per unit. These modifications provide an enhanced feel and add to the pleasure of the in-hand experience and user interface .  The brass portion has been chamfered and polished along the spine, and the flats given a grain to minimize the longterm cosmetic effects (little rub spots) of frequent use.   It also includes 2 mosaic or EDM cut pins visible only in squeeze mode.  The stainless steel lock out pin sports a machined .370" titanium screw and glow resin verso.


2 internal springs provide moderate resistance and increase the fidgetability of this immensely satisfying  piece of kit. 

Hand chamfered Titanium Loadstar. Recessed G5 hardware.

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