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Choose either GREEN or AQUA glow modules, or a POLISHED COPPER insert for the "NO GLOW" option.



In the acutely distressing post-apocalyptic novel, "The Road", by Cormac Mcarthy, there are several passages that give the reader a well-earned chance to relax.  These are rare moments in an otherwise harrowing take on what might unfold after the collapse of civilization.  One such respite comes when the protagonist, whose name we never learn, is scavenging alone aboard an old shipwreck where he finds a perfectly preserved sextant made of brass, and is "struck by its beauty”.   What follows is a fundamentally optimistic and thoughtful meditation on the quality reflected in this surviving relic and the species who conceived of it.  Though there is virtually no hope left in the concurrent storyline, and though it's discovery doesn't alter the fate of the characters, that sextant lends deep symbolic poignancy to the story.  


For us, hopefully the End of Days is still in the distant future.    Afterwards...when a handful of survivors navigates that new reality, I want the Harbinger to be just like that sextant from "The Road"; preserved, functional, and symbolically, a harbinger of our return. The good news is you don't have to survive Armageddon to experience those feelings,  all you need to do is add a Harbinger to your EDC collection!


Features and Function

In practical terms, the Harbinger can be described as a self-locating EDC accessory and key carabiner made entirely out of brass.  There's no need for a lock because the gate mechanism relies on a heavy pull precision ground stainless steel spring which won't open unless you force it to.    Also included and installed is a brass swivel which facilitates turning your key 360 deg.  when opening lock-sets that require it, without the carabiner itself having to flip over.  The most compelling and unusual feature is the glow module.  Clipped to a bag or belt loop, exposed to ambient light, this module soaks up UV rays passively throughout the day,  delivering them back in the form of a luminous phosphorescence that's long-lasting, mesmerizing, and practical.  This simple process is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function and which can keep the Harbinger visible in complete darkness for hours.


If you choose, the Harbinger is equipped with a phosphorescent insert.    These modules are packed solid with Aqua color Strontium Aluminate (SA), which is the same non-toxic ingredient used in all available "Glow In The Dark" products.  The key difference is that I use pure SA powder without any resins or fillers, enough to make numerous average glow-in-the-dark items.  In order to glow the modules need to be "charged", an easy task because charging is passive.  My only recommendation is that you carry your Harbinger in a way that exposes it to ambient light throughout the day.  Ultimately, how bright the glow appears to the user's eye will vary depending on the conditions in which it is viewed.  The photographs for this campaign were taken immediately after the modules were charged under pure UV light,  as a result they are represented here at maximum brightness.  For several minutes, that full charge brightness is completely visible in low or half-light, but in broad daylight these will not appear to be glowing at all.  You need low light conditions to perceive the light they emit,  and the more they deplete the lower the light needs to be for them to remain visible to the naked eye.  In total darkness, they will glow for 10+ hours after a full charge,  slowly dimming until fully depleted.  A UV keychain light to force charge the glow modules will be included if you choose AQUA or GREEN glow.

Harbinger, all brass EDC Carabiner

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