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This is 3 color Mokume Gane; Made from Copper/Brass and Nickel Silver.  The clip pictured is the one you will recieve.  It's designed to clip over your pocket cuff and act as suspention for whatever item you don't want to have to fish around the bottom of your pocket for.  These are milled to a thickness of .093" and no effort is made to remove the little milling marks which enhance grippiness when so preserved.  Mokume-Gane , originating in feudal Japan hundreds of years ago,  is made by forging layers of metal together through heat and pressure.  This process creates a molecular bond but not a complete blending and the results are gorgeous.  The Translation is Wood Grain Metal, or Cloud Metal and it's obvious why!  (.350" wide & 1.5" in length.)

Mokume Pocket Clip #9 +CU FM1

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