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The Phob is a combination of the Gaslight, the Teledact and the GearPull.  It's a little over 2" long and weighs about an ounce.  This one comes with a titanium core, Titanium scales, brass counterbored 1/8"bolts and rainbow glow.


Clipped to a pants pocket or bag,  your Phob remains accessible at all times, ready to be retrieved every time you need it without any fumbling.    This simple process is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function. The concept is simple: Attach to your existing keychain and get a greater variety of carry options. Look for the phosphorescent insert when searching for your keys after dark.


Note: Different colors glow at different brightnesses and durations.  Greens, yellows, aquas and oranges glow longest, blues, purples and reds are the quickest to deplete.  Still, the rainbow inserts are expensive, and that is what accounts for the upcharge on these.



Phob: Titanium Over Rainbow Glow

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