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These are strange times...times when many of us feel anxious about things we never could have anticipated or prepared for.  As a species, we must catch up to this new reality...we need to modify our thoughts and actions in order to limit our exposure and keep safe.  We need solutions;  Ways to help neutralize the threat of transmission and that pervasive anxiety which for many of us, emerges whenever we leave our homes.  I call my latest work the Teledact;  It's a pocket-clipping, telescopic button pushing device designed to engage any public button or keypad, so you don't have to.  The concept is simple:  Push out the naturally anti-microbial copper probe, use it to press the contaminated button(s), retract and re-pocket, avoid Covid forever, grow old and bequeath your Teledact to the grandkids.

Teledact : all variations

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