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The Gaslight is a personal accessory with a singular purpose; It charges passively by ambient light during the day and then glows after dark so you can find your belongings. This simple task is accomplished reliably, with a signature style that transcends function.


These come with Titanium casings, stainless steel screws and Rainbow Glow inserts, please note that different colors are colored by day and glow with the same colors at night.  Different glow pigments exhibit different brightnesses and run times.  Greens and aquas will last the longest, reds and purples will deplete first.


Titanium Gaslight Rainbow glow

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  • For best results, "charge" your Gaslight under a light bulb or in the sun for one hour towards the end of the day. It then holds a 4 hr charge which keeps it glowing so you can locate your gear in the dark. That's it!
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